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Oyster Mouse

Winner of the 2011 Nat’l Ergo Conf Attendees’ Choice Award, the unique Oyster Mouse has an inner ratchet for any of five angle settings – whether left or right-handed – for a total of 10 configurations and the ultimate in adjustability & comfort. Traditional in appearance, it has six buttons and a scroll wheel. Mac & PC. 1000 dpi.
Sales price: $109.00
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Manufacturer: ErgoAnywhere





For years, Ergonomists and Health & Safety professionals have sought out ambidextrous mousing solutions for those with right-handed mousing pain. And for years they’ve come up empty…until now!

Not only does the Oyster Mouse fit left and right handed users, it also offers amazing adjustability with any of five angles for maximum comfort and optimal hand/wrist posture.

Familiar in shape and general appearance, this mouse is anything but, as it provides users with a level of health, comfort and productivity never seen before. For those tied to “normal” appearances…or not, mousing will never be the same again.

  • PC and Mac compatible (no drivers needed)
  • 5 angles for left and right-handed use, totaling 10 different postures
  • Wired & Wireless
  • 1000 dpi sensor
  • One year warranty